Lone Worker Protection 24/7

Our BS 8484:2016 approved service provides the best lone worker protection available.

We implement the most effective lone worker devices and back it up with expert training and 24/7 support. The perfect combination for powerful lone worker protection.

Personal Safety Alarms and Monitoring

When it comes to personal safety alarms, we remain independent to provide a range of BS 8484:2016 certified lone worker devices. We also use the most trusted systems to monitor the well-being of your lone workers.

For many clients, a mixture of devices for different lone working tasks is seen as best practice. That’s why our diverse portfolio includes devices packaged as discrete IDs, smartphone apps and satellite devices.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre is fully certified to BS 8484:2016 and BS 5979 (Category II). All calls are monitored 24/7 and our service ensures a level 1 police response through the allocation of Unique Reference Numbers (URNs). To read the National Police Chiefs Council’s statement on URNs, click here.

Peoplesafe Personal Alarms for Lone Workers

Robust Implementation

Through on-going support provided to all users and managers, we help to establish a positive lone worker safety culture as part of everyday working. A typical Peoplesafe contract is 36 months. From day one to day 1,000+, we work tirelessly to optimise your lone worker protection.


Day 1: Consultation
1Everything starts with you. We analyse the organisational challenges you face. Furthermore, we outline a strategy to help improve your existing health and safety culture.

We’ll review your existing culture and any safety solutions that you may have already adopted, and provide straightforward advice based on thousands of previously successful implementations.

Day 10: Planning
10Working with your managers and users, we create a communication plan to provide clarity around responsibilities and expectations.

We’ll help to develop your lone working policy, examine your current safety culture and any incidents that have previously occurred. We can also work with you to engage your senior team and increase ‘buy-in’.

Day 100:  Review
100We provide comprehensive face-to-face training and review subsequent usage. We also advise and assist on ways to establish positive habits.

The implementation phase is all about building a good culture of usage. At the end of your first hundred days, users will have a clear understanding of their objectives. Devices and service are configured to ensure relevance, and managers are fully trained on the operation of your chosen system.

Day 1,000: Service
1000We remain pro-active throughout our partnership, offering advice, solutions and 24/7 support. Designated contacts will provide technical and administrative support, plus your team will receive bespoke reporting, device-specific refresher training and signal monitoring.


To learn more about our lone worker protection, send us a quick message or call 0800 990 3563.