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We are there for people working alone when no one else is around. Subscribe to the market-leading personal safety service today for 24/7 protection.


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For more information about our how the Peoplesafe service can help to protect your personal safety at work, please leave your details and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly.

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Real incidents, real danger

Medical emergency

A user felt dizzy with shortness of breath while sitting in their van and pressed the SOS button before losing consciousness. The Alarm Receiving Centre dispatched an ambulance immediately. The user had a heart attack and having the device likely saved his life.

Physically attacked

A user activated their alarm and immediately requested police assistance because they had been stabbed in the chest, hand and ear. The police were called instantly via the Unique Reference Number and attended the scene with an ambulance.

Injured and alone

A user was at a large site on their own when they felt a pain in the bottom of their back getting progressively worse while unloading until they were struggling to breathe or move. They pressed the SOS alarm and an ambulance was called in under five minutes.

77% of delivery drivers do not have any form of personal protection in a job where:


Physically attacked

E.g. attempted hit and run with stolen vehicle


Felt threatened by customers

Verbal abuse and intimidating behaviour

> 1/3

Felt at risk while delivering

Particularly at night and from dogs

Source:  Recent survey to over 500 delivery drivers

Stay safe, not sorry

Delivery drivers are at risk every day from:

  • assaults,
  • attempted theft,
  • threatening and abusive behaviour,
  • road accidents,
  • road rage, and
  • medical emergencies.

Transporting packages automatically makes you a target for violent and opportunistic thieves. As a Hermes driver, you work alone all day with no immediate support available from colleagues.

With a Peoplesafe subscription, you’ll receive 24/7 support from our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where we can summon a level 1 police response. We provide nationwide coverage that keeps you protected wherever you need to travel.


£6 (including VAT)/month

Contract Term is a 3 month minimum contract, with a rolling 1 month contract thereafter

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“It’s an excellent solution for worker protection in a wide range of potential scenarios.”

Ian Whitwell

“It’s easy, simple and does what it says on the tin.”

Kevin Watkins

“The service is easy to set up and simple to use. Peoplesafe, quite simply, works.”

Andy Turner

“Peoplesafe has become an essential tool to enable me to do my job with confidence.”

Patricia Smith

“Peoplesafe provides great security at minimal cost.”

Duncan Kitching

“We needed to ensure that all of our drivers are protected and we all have the assurance that they have a backup in terms of communication and response, Peoplesafe provides us with this.”

Jamie Walker

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I just ring 999?

Our personal safety service saves valuable time in an emergency. After raising an alarm, our Controllers will have access to your exact location within 3m² as well as important information about you such as your medical history and current conditions. Trained to handle emergencies, our Controllers will gather all relevant information and coordinate a response with the emergency services generating a level 1 response if necessary.

How does payment work?

After setting up your Direct Debit, payment will automatically be taken from your nominated account within 10 working days.

Am I locked in to my monthly subscription?

No, you can cancel any time after the minimum term of three months. If you wish to cancel the service you will need to inform Peoplesafe and cancel the Direct Debit.

What happens when I press the SOS button?

Once the SOS alarm is pressed, the team in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) are immediately presented with your location and all the information from your Peoplesafe Portal profile. The Controller handling the alarm will listen to what is happening and, if safe to do so, will talk to you to understand the situation and what help is required.

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For more information about our smartphone app or the Peoplesafe service, please leave your details and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly.

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