Q Park

Q Park is one of the largest independent operators in Europe with facilities in 10 countries providing spaces for 45,000 vehicles.

Pure Parking, part of Q Park, run eight facilities in central London providing a manned service 24 hours a day. The car park operators reviewed their lone worker policy after one of their lone workers collapsed during a shift and could not raise the alarm.

Both operators were also concerned about the possibility of attacks against members of their team. Because of these concerns, both Q Park and Pure Parking contacted Peoplesafe for advice on developing a lone worker safety strategy.

Training and protection

Peoplesafe analysed the needs of both companies and suggested a program of lone worker safety training and that each lone worker should carry a safety device.

The Peoplesafe personal safety device, now being used by Q Park and Pure Parking lone workers, has the latest mobile technology to enable users to covertly raise an alarm if they feel threatened.

Lone workers have the option to press the device’s ‘checking in’ button when they are entering a potentially hazardous situation, which gives them the reassurance of knowing they are being monitored, and that they were free to press the ‘SOS’ button if needed.

Once the button is pressed the Peoplesafe team of lone worker safety experts at the ARC can listen to what is happening, record events or coordinate emergency support if necessary.

“Now they’re equipped with Peoplesafe lone worker safety devices, our lone workers enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they can summon help at the touch of a button.”
Clive Comport, Quality Manager

Ongoing support

As experts in lone worker safety we can provide a comprehensive range of safety products to meet the individual needs of each of the companies lone workers. Part of the service we provide to Q Park and Pure Parking involves ongoing training and support to help keep their lone workers safe.

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