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A discreet, compact and wearable lone worker protection accessory.

The Bluetooth Button works directly in conjunction with our lone worker Smartphone app. A simple press is all it takes to raise an alarm.

Utilising the benefits of wearable technology, our Bluetooth Button can be worn in a number of different ways. Ideal for public-facing lone workers.

Features of the button include:


  • Connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The device overrides your Smartphone’s keypad lock with a simple press.
  • No need to charge, works via a CR2032 watch battery.
  • Battery usually lasts for a year and battery life info can be viewed in the apps menu.
  • Utilises the phone’s GPS & 2-way audio capabilities to protect lone workers in an emergency.
  • The button is waterproof to 1m (3.3ft) of depth for 30 minutes.
  • Alarm activations will be immediately responded by Controllers in our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, accredited to BS 8484:2016 and BS 5979 (Cat II).
  • Works with leading Smartphones including Android and iPhone.

Accredited to BS 8484:2016

Working in conjunction with the Lone Worker App, the button is certified to BS 8484:2016 (the British Standard for suppliers of device/app based lone worker services).

  • Audio Red Alert capability — Yes, two-way voice
  • Red Alert call is confirmed as answered — Display shows when a connection is made
  • Check-in: Amber Alert capability — Yes, timer is at the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Location of device is available — GPS in all modes
  • Sufficient battery life and low battery warning — Tablet/phone-based low battery warning
  • Signal strength indication — Yes
  • Minimise causes of false alarms — Device and service issue

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Risk Factors

Various risk factors influence how suitable the bluetooth button with the App will be in assisting your lone workers:

Verbal abuse/threats — suitable

Physical abuse/threats — suitable

Safe and well check — suitable

Man Down - suitable

Performance without mobile network — NOT suitable

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