Your Safety Guide to Working in Remote Areas


Working in remote areas can be a risky business for many workers.

What is a remote area? This can be defined as a place that is situated far from the main centres of population. These areas are often isolated with little or no connection outside the area.

Farmers, surveyors, engineers, foresters and construction workers may all find themselves working in remote areas, which can be dangerous at times. If an accident were to happen whilst working far away from others, the worker may have great difficulty in seeking help. In some particularly rural areas, mobile phone signal is often non-achievable and so calling for help is near impossible.

Below are some safety tips to remember if you are working in these conditions:

safety working in remote areas


Peoplesafe offers a wide range of personal safety solutions to meet the needs of all types of workers. The SPOT Gen3 utilises satellite technology, making it the perfect solution if you work in mobile ‘blackspot’ areas. It features a tracking button which will automatically send your position to Peoplesafe’s system. Help and assistance can also be obtained at the push of a button which will send an alert through to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Our highly trained Controllers will then follow the users’ escalation process to ensure they get the assistance they need. Have peace of mind with this device that you can get help even if there is nobody around.

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