Forklift Safety Month – #Safetember

Safetember is the FLTA’s annual month-long fork lift truck safety campaign that runs throughout September. Its sole aim is to reduce the severity and frequency of fork lift truck accidents by creating awareness and engaging with various associations, media outlets and partner organisations.

The FLTA have stated that, every working day, 5 people in the UK suffer life-changing injuries in forklift truck accidents and a survey conducted by the FLTA suggested that as many as 90% of operators don’t wear seatbelts/restraints when operating a fork lift. Seatbelts or restraints serve as an important purpose of preventing the driver from trying to jump off an overturning vehicle (HSE). In the event of an overturn, the driver should always brace themselves and hold firmly on a secure part inside the cab while leaning the opposite direction of the overturn.

Operators could also benefit from added protection in the form of a personal protection alarm with a built in man down feature, especially if staff are operating a fork lift alone. The Peoplesafe personal protection device will automatically raise an alarm, as it will detect the sudden tilt or impact from the fork lift overturning, especially useful if the driver falls unconscious and is unable to raise an alarm by themselves. If you would like to try our MicroSOS device free for 30 days, please click here.

If you would like to read more on the safe use of fork lifts visit the FLTA website and find out more information on their #Safetember campaign. Please contact our sales team at or call 0800 990 3563 to request a demonstration of the MicroSOS device and see how it could help protect the safety of your lone working employees.