Can You Afford Not To Protect Your Workers?

can you afford not to protect your workers?

Last year, UK employers were fined a total of £72.6 million for failing to meet health and safety guidelines. Can you afford to be complacent when it comes to protecting your workers?money-164032_1280

The HSE recently released their injury and health statistics for the previous year. Despite Britain being one of the safest places to work, these figures show that there is still room for improvement in UK workplaces. Shockingly, there were 30.7 million days lost due to workplace injury and illness and a total of 144 fatal injuries in the workplace last year. In total, workplace injury costs the UK economy £15 billion a year with employers footing £3 billion of that bill.

These figures highlight the continual need and development of health and safety policy within each UK workplace. A simple, well thought out, and prepared health and safety policy could mean the difference between a company making a profit or a loss for the year as a result of a steep fine.

So, how can you help to improve health and safety within your workplace? Well below are some tips to help you do just that:

Risk Assessment: A risk assessment must be completed before any work begins. However, if you are not regularly updating your risk assessment, then it could leave your workers vulnerable to new threats. Review your risk assessment at least once a year to ensure its relevance and to make sure it includes any new potential risks.

Health and Safety policy: A good health and safety policy will be based around the findings of the risk assessment. Just like the above, the health and safety policy should also be reviewed annually and be updated to include policy around new potential threats identified in the risk assessment.

Culture: Input from your employees in the health and safety policy will go a long way to instilling a positive health and safety culture. If health and safety is regularly endorsed within your company then it will serve as a constant reminder to employees and they will be more likely to adhere to it.

If you would like any further guidance on completing a risk assessment and what to include, click here.